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On Point Reentry Consortium


On-Point Reentry Consortium (OPRC) seeks to maintain ethical practices by providing research-based reentry-specific training, consulting, and coaching services by targeting and eliminating barriers that challenge personal and professional career and life mobility. OPRC has a two-fold mission/purpose: 

  1. To provide training to reentry professionals who serve judicially impacted individuals. 

  2. To serve as an information broker by connecting judicially impacted individuals to the resources needed to access support throughout the community to facilitate a smooth transition.


OPRC consists of a team of highly skilled professional influencers in the field of reentry.  Together they provide skill-based training designed to integrate knowledge and skills needed to serve individuals and organizations.  OPRC is aware of the demands driven by the “new normal” and the need to know how to “navigate” through the demands of the 21st Century. As a result, OPRC seeks to collaborate with other community service providers to supplement our training and consulting programs with additional services in an effort to ensure the resource information is available.


 At OPRC, we believe that quality matters! Our team combines formal education with professional best practices and lived experience to create a transformational learning environment. OPRC offers thought-provoking training in a unique platform that extends beyond live training to ensure knowledge transfer.            


On-Point Re-Entry Consortium is a trailblazing BIPOC non-profit, powered by women who have been directly impacted by the judicial system. 

For over 30 years, we women have been leading the charge in reentry, leveraging our diverse backgrounds in education, human resources and civil rights, law, human services and social work. Our team of trained Reentry Workforce Development Specialists, certified by the National Institute of Corrections and Department of Justice, has built a comprehensive, evidence-based program that is transforming lives. The OPRC team knows the difference between a career and work! A career spans your lifetime and includes your education, training, memberships, volunteering, and a full history of pay. Work is your “calling”, the thing you would do with or without being paid to do it. It moves beyond passion, it is the thing that motivates you, it reveals your inner purpose.  We are proud to be the only team in Austin and Texas with a team of trained  Reentry Workforce Development Specialists. Join us in our mission to break the cycle of incarceration and create a brighter future for our loved ones and communities.


Meet The Team

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