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Mary E Moran

Mary E Moran has been in the reentry field for over 30 years. Mary has dedicated her life to under-served communities her entire career. However, she became more involved and focused on reentry when her youngest son went to prison at age 17. This event had a significant impact on her and she dedicated her life to helping pre and post releases from prison/jail reenter society.


Mary was instrumental in helping "Ban the Box" (2008) in Travis County and in creating, developing and administering the first comprehensive reentry programs in Travis County, both in the Criminal Justice Planning Department (2007) and in the Travis County Sheriffs office, Del Valle Correctional Complex (2012). She holds the highest level as a Master Instructor Reentry Workforce Development Specialist and is certified as a Global Career Development Facilitator.  She has trained more than 75 Reentry Workforce Development Specialists in Texas. She is currently serving as OPRC's Executive Director and believes in providing the best customer service to justice impacted individuals. She believes strongly that not just employment is needed to succeed, but the whole person needs to be addressed. She believes that we are indeed our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers!

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