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MC and Key Note Speaker

Saul Paul

A 3X GRAMMY Nominated Musician with a Message. He has also presented 3 TEDx Talks, performed at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts and been featured on America’s Got Talent. His life story of transitioning from prison incarceration to college graduation and has been told on screen via the documentary Tower to Tower as well as via his memoir Be The Change.

Recognizing an inherent responsibility to give back, SaulPaul founded the SaulPaul Foundation. The SaulPaul Foundation is a launchpad for young people. And a platform for community members to serve as community leaders through acts of kindness, volunteerism and philanthropy.

In addition to using his creativity in the studio, on the stage, and in his community service, SaulPaul also uses it in his philanthropy. Most recently he launched CHANGE Water, an alkaline water company that is making the world a better place. With each case of water sold, CHANGE Water gives back to the local community where it was sold. To date, 100,000 students in 32 States across the US have benefited.

Whether via art, entrepreneurship or community service, SaulPaul is committed to #BeTheChange.

Keynote Speaker
Michael "Tony" Steptoe

Michael "Tony" Steptoe, originally from Springfield, Ohio, faced a critical decision during his senior year of high school: choosing between college scholarships in football, basketball, and baseball. However, a pivotal evening spent with a different group of peers altered his trajectory drastically. This choice led him into a downward spiral, resulting in over a decade within Ohio Corrections. Despite his circumstances, Steptoe made a transformative decision during his incarceration to rise above his setbacks, referring to this period as his "Beautiful Struggle."

On January 15, 2008, Steptoe emerged from Ross Correctional Institution with remarkable accomplishments: two associate degrees, numerous completed programs, and a profound spiritual connection. Driven by the daily question, "How Bad Do You Want It?" he embarked on a remarkable journey. Steptoe became the first black male graduate from Ohio State School of Aesthetics as a Skin Specialist, launched successful ventures such as Family Food Palace and Lead Strong, a mentoring organization, and joined John Legend's team as his personal stage manager. Despite personal loss and relocation to Virginia, he remains dedicated to speaking in prisons nationwide, aiming to inspire change as he was once inspired.

In 2023, Steptoe is set to finalize his fifth business plan, a pioneering reentry program for prisons across the United States. Through his experiences, Steptoe emphasizes that success stems from disciplined planning and perseverance, illustrating that anyone can achieve their goals with steadfast determination.

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